Sky Café Partners with SWOOP Airlines

Sky Café is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Canada’s newest ultra-low cost airline SWOOP.   With their main hub out of YHM in Hamilton, SWOOP has chosen Sky Café to cater SWOOP flights.  The inaugural catered flight took place on June 20th, 2018 travelling from Hamilton, ON to Abbotsford, BC.

A special thank you to the Sky Café YYZ & YHM team; Andrew, Tyler, Carlos, AJ and Kathaleen for their support. Finally, a big thank you to Rummy Rendina, Leader of Inflight Sales and Service for Swoop, for her collaboration up to and through this launch.

After a successful first couple of weeks, Sky Café looks forward to catering even more flights as SWOOP continues to add additional flights and increase their schedule.



Backed by one of Canada’s largest airlines, Swoop makes air travel simple, affordable and accessible for every traveller.  The airline will operate domestic flights between five small Canadians airports: Abbotsford, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Hamilton, and Halifax.
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About Sky Café

Sky Café has been offering innovative airline catering solutions since 2014. Sky Café’s menu is sourced from local kitchens and restaurants whose chefs are familiar with the surrounding markets and culinary trends, allowing us to offer great products at low prices.  Sky Café operates in airport bases across Canada serving ten airports from YLW in Kelowna to YHZ in Halifax.

  • Sky Café’s first catered SWOOP flight took place on June 20th in Hamilton (YHM)
  • Hamilton is Sky Cafe’s first base for Swoop
  • Sky Café provides catering for over 30,000 flights every year
  • Sky Café delivers more than 4 million airline meals per year

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